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Use of Reversible Contraceptive Methods Among U.S. Women with Physical or Sensory Disabilities
Justine P. Wu, Kimberly S. McKee, Michael M. McKee, Michelle A. Meade, Melissa A. Plegue and Ananda Sen

Pregnancy Ambivalence and Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) Use Among Young Adult Women: A Qualitative Study
Jenny A. Higgins

Sexual Orientation Disparities in Mistimed and Unwanted Pregnancy Among Adult Women
Bethany Everett, Katherine F. McCabe and Tonda L. Hughes

The Link Between Reproductive Life Plan Assessment And Provision of Preconception Care At Publicly Funded Health Centers
Cheryl L. Robbins, Loretta Gavin, Marion W. Carter and Susan B. Moskosky

Contraceptive Sterilization: Introducing A Couple Perspective to Examine Sociodemographic Differences in Use
Mieke C. W. Eeckhaut

American Indian and Alaska Native Men's Use of Sexual Health Services, 2006–2010
Megan A. Cahn, S. Marie Harvey and Matthew A. Town