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Fertility Intentions and Perspectives on Contraceptive Involvement Among Low‐Income Men Aged 25 to 55

Anthony D. Campbell, David K. Turok and Kari White

Women's Expectation of Receiving Reproductive Health Care at Catholic and Non‐Catholic Hospitals
Debra B. Stulberg, Maryam Guiahi, Luciana E. Hebert and Lori R. Freedman

Intimate Relationship Dynamics and Changing Desire for Pregnancy Among Young Women
Jennifer S. Barber, Warren Miller, Yasamin Kusunoki, Sarah R. Hayford and Karen Benjamin Guzzo

Breast‐feeding During Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriage
Joseph Molitoris

Adolescents’ Contraceptive Use with School‐Discordant Partners: Exploring Individual‐ and Relationship‐Level Characteristics
Kate Strully and David Kennedy

Characteristics of Women Who Present for Abortion Beyond the Legal Limit in Flanders, Belgium
Sarah Van de Velde, Nina Van Eekert, Kristof Van Assche, Nina Sommerland and Edwin Wouters