Key Points

• Public expenditures for family planning client services totaled $2.37 billion in FY 2010, supporting the provision of contraceptive drugs and devices, client counseling and education, and tests and treatment, including for STIs.

• Medicaid accounted for 75% of the total, whereas state-only sources accounted for 12% and Title X accounted for 10%.

• Total public funding rose 31% from FY 1980 to FY 2010, adjusted for inflation, with almost all of the increase coming from Medicaid. Title X expenditures fell 71%. n Public spending on sterilization services totaled $93 million, 95% of which was through Medicaid.

• The states spent $68 million on about 181,000 abortion procedures for low-income women in FY 2010, almost all of it in the 17 states that use their own funds to pay for most or all medically necessary abortions provided to Medicaid recipients. The federal government, which restricts funding to cases of life endangerment, rape and incest, contributed to the cost of only 331 of those procedures.